Supercharge your CRM

Supercharge your sales and success teams in their CRM with signals to identify PQL's, PQA's, high intent leads, upsell opportunities and accounts at risk for churning.

Hand your team new opportunities on a silver platter

Reach the right accounts at the right time with the right message with our advanced scoring mechanisms and segmentation. Get notified within minutes when something needs to be actioned.

Breyta product qualified account (PQA) signal

I can definitely confirm that Signals work! I see at least 5x more leads just based on setting up new Signals.

Vlad Calus

Co-founder of Planable

High-performing sales and CS teams use Breyta

Breyta customers

Company insights, not just people

In addition to the granular view you get by default, you can also map out your high-level customer journey to understand what customers are doing in your product and how they are interacting with you.

Customer journey

Clicked on campaignVisited landing pageSigned upDownloaded native appSent invitation to meetingInvited to meetingAttended meetingVisited pricing pageUpgraded to PRO

Have your customer success team work in your sales CRM

Tear down the silos and create powerful and proactive workflows with the data you get from Breyta synced to your CRM.

Hubspot customer success pipeline

True 360° customer view without writing a line of code

Power more powerful insights by combining product usage, billing and support data with your CRM data in order to close more deals and reduce churn.


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We were thinking of building this internally, but this is exactly what we need to continue to scale and handle our PLG efforts and identify leads and expansion opportunities we couldn’t before.

Mats Abrahamsen

Growth lead at Vev

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