Removing data silos

We founded Breyta because we were fed up with data silos, fragmented customer history and CRMs catering only to the top of the funnel - only handling everything up until they become a customer.

We want to help companies get a deeper connection with their customers and create consistent, personalized, in-the-moment experiences across the customer journey.

The team behind Breyta

  • Chris Moen

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Jan Tore Stolsvik

    Tech lead & Co-founder

  • Vegard Steen

    Senior full-stack engineer & Co-founder

  • Andreas Nguyen

    Head of Finance & Ops

  • Kea Zhang

    Head of Product

  • Andreas Flakstad

    Senior full-stack engineer

  • Maria Buch

    Senior UX Designer

Creating a new data platform

Businesses need a best-in-class, integrated tech stack to easily automate data between applications and foster collaboration in revenue teams that work together to make customers successful across the entire lifecycle.

This is the secret sauce of being customer-first. And it boils down to creating an easy-to-use and delightful data platform that lets revenue teams collaborate together to generate more bookings and expansions.

Join us

We're a small remote team based out of Europe with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

We’re looking for team members who are passionate about creating experiences for end-users who’ll end up loving the product. You’ll have a huge impact on how the product will be formed and we’re looking for someone who wants to really shake the foundations of the CRM world.