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Product update: email conversations, Slack integration, and more!

At Breyta we are on a mission to make it easier for you to manage your customers. With a set of recent updates, we empower you to prioritize your customers and communicate even more efficiently with them.

Here are all the recent product updates you’ll find in your account. 

  • Email conversations synced to Breyta
    Being able to see the full context of a history of conversations with an individual user or multiple users from one account is crucial for providing best-in-class experiences. It’s now also easy to do with Breyta.
    With this new function, you can sync conversations from tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Intercom to Breyta. This way, you can easily see all communication in one place without jumping between different tools.  
    Watch a youtube video here:
  • Sigal list ordering and Slack integration
    Browsing through multiple signal lists on a daily basis? We have something for you. You can now easily reorder your signal lists to have those crucial ones always at your fingertips. 
    And speaking of signal lists and easy access to insights they provide, we have a treat - Slack integration. Head to your integrations to set it up for your account and then go to your user settings to decide what updates you want to receive. You’ll get notifications about changes to your signal lists in real time so you can act accordingly right away!
    Watch a youtube video here:
  • Improved search 
    Finding a relevant event from a long list of events sourced from different tools to build a score or a customer journey was a hassle. We’re happy to announce that it’s now a thing of the past! With an improved search, you can effortlessly search any dropdown list and see suggestions. Building complex scores just got way faster.
    Watch a youtube video here:

What’s next

Soon, you’ll be able to sync data from Breyta to tools like HubSpot and Salesforce to allow your revenue teams to use scores calculated with Breyta in the CRM they are using already. Stay tuned!

Building a new modern CRM

The Co-Founders of Breyta

How we sell and expand has evolved from when the first cloud CRMs hit the market. As a result - new tools are being launched every day making data and interactions more and more siloed and fragmented. Customers demand consistent, personalized, in-the-moment experiences across touchpoints. Removing CRM silos is critical to growing brand advocates and champions.

Businesses need to have a best-in-class, integrated tech stack and the ability to easily automate data between applications and foster collaboration between different internal stakeholders in revenue teams so that they can work together to make their customers successful across the entire lifecycle.

This is the secret sauce of being customer-first. And it boils down to creating an easy-to-use and delightful CRM that lets revenue teams collaborate together to generate more bookings and expansions.

To kickstart our work we’ve raised a $2m pre-seed from great investors like; Carsten Thoma (Hybris/SAP), David Clarke (Workday), Martin Henk (Pipedrive), Magnus Hillestad (Sanity), Edvard Engesaeth (Nurx), Øyvind Reed & Ken (Whereby), Antler, Boitano, Chris Murphy (Unpopular Ventures & Websummit), ScaleupXQ, Andreas Helbig, David Baum (Monner), Christian Blomberg (Contentful & Solvemate) and many more great angels.

Get a deeper connection with your customers

We believe that being data-driven should be rooted in having access to user data, not just how they move through your landing pages and which e-book they’ve downloaded, but how they have used your product pre- or post-sales. Combine that with other data sources like chat, visits, revenue and you’ll start to get a complete picture of a customer’s journey.

One of the largest newspapers in Norway called our UX designer Joakim, trying to upsell him on a new service. Joakim didn’t even remember that he had a paid subscription because he hadn’t read their newspaper in months! This should have been a churn call if only the seller had the necessary data at his or her fingertips.

We believe every company should have a single view of the customer, where they store all the interactions from a potential or existing customer in order to foster a deeper relationship with them. Not just those who offer a freemium solution, because it’s just as valuable to see how your prospect is moving through your customer journey in a POC you’re running in an enterprise sales process.

Collaboration between data and people

We want to tell a story with data, and we need to make sure that we’re collaborating with data sets from other tools in the easiest way possible. We’re creating a CRM that makes it possible for product and commercial people to do a lot of what data engineers and data scientists would normally be hired to do in more technical tools.

Accord says the average B2B sale involves 14+ people, and that’s only on the buyer’s side! The seller will most likely have at least half of that working on an account throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Most from different teams and with different roles, catering to different parts of the sales process. Taking that into account, we felt that creating a CRM that was collaborative at its core was a given, no more siloed selling or inefficiencies!