Actionable signals at your teams fingertips

Accelerate your revenue by surfacing proactive and actionable signals to your go-to-market team like upsell opportunities, churn risk, higher customer fit, PQL's, product champions and much more.

Only spend time on the accounts that matter

Segment, filter, and create signals on your users or accounts based on product usage, customer fit and other scores. Surface the highest value opportunities prioritized for you in a customizable view.

Breyta product qualified account (PQA) signal

I can definitely confirm that Signals work! I see at least 5x more leads just based on setting up new Signals.

Vlad Calus

Co-founder of Planable

Top accounts delivered to your inbox

Get automatic slack or email notifications when new signals surface on which accounts or leads you need to take an action on or work from our platform.

Scores for your sales and customer success team

Define your own custom scoring logic to qualify and prioritize leads and accounts to know who your reps and CSM’s should spend their time with. You can set up as many scores as you want, MQL, PQL, customer health, customer fit and more to have scores for the entire customer lifecycle.

Configure: Churn

4 companies matches your filter criteria.

One platform for sales and customer success

Deliver personalized experiences across touchpoints throughout your customers’ lifecycle. Move away from transactional sales and towards relationships where everyone works together to make the customer successful, no matter their job title.

BDRRenewal ManagerAccount ExecutiveCustomer Success ManagerSolution ConsultantCEOSales ManagerCRO

Snowflake Free planPRO plan

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Map and view your customer journey

In addition to the granular view you get by default, you can also map out your high-level customer journey to understand what customers are doing in your product and how they are interacting with you.

Customer journey

Clicked on campaignVisited landing pageSigned upDownloaded native appSent invitation to meetingInvited to meetingAttended meetingVisited pricing pageUpgraded to PRO

We were thinking of building this internally, but this is exactly what we need to continue to scale and handle our PLG efforts and identify leads and expansion opportunities we couldn’t before.

Mats Abrahamsen

Growth lead at Vev

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