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7 Killer Tactics to Create a Sales Playbook

SaaS revenue teams are now under immense pressure to do more with less. Here's how a sales playbook can give you a head start.


How to Build A High-Performance Sales Operations Team: Strategies and Tools

Are you prepared to redefine your sales operations from the ground up?


SaaS Activation Rates: How Video Games Can Help Users See Your Value

Are your activation rates lagging? Here’s how to speed up time-to-value for your SaaS product.


The SDR AE Duo: The Ultimate Product-Led Partnership

Struggling to find a place for your SDRs and AEs in your PLG motion? Let’s turn these essential salespeople into your product-led champions.


Net Retention Rate: How to Secure Your Next Investment

Looking for a sure-fire way to convey your business’s health and performance? Net retention rate is the most valuable insight for investors.


Defining Product-Qualified Accounts: Why You Can’t Just Stick to PQLs

Product-qualified leads are a great starting point for a PLG company. The next phase is qualifying entire accounts.


Aha Moment Examples: How to Find Yours & Help Users See Your Value

Activate your PQLs faster. Decrease your time-to-value. Create an irresistible product experience.


The Definitive PQL Playbook: How to Qualify, Convert, and Maintain PLG’s Hottest Leads

Get a head start with your PLG strategy or upgrade your existing tactics with the ultimate PQL playbook


How to Increase Your Expansion Revenue and Grow Your SaaS Business

Grow your expansion revenue to push yourself toward a net negative churn.


Master the Art of Product Analytics for Targeted Segmentation

Imagine being able to predict customer behavior, optimize your features, and boost revenue, all with just a few clicks.


Product-Led VS Sales-Led: How To Choose Your Growth Model

Looking for another "PLG is better than SLG" piece? This isn’t one. Instead, let’s look at the benefits of both models.


SaaS Free Trial Best Practices: How to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

Free trial not converting? Here's how to fix the leaks in your funnel.


Are Your Sales & CS Teams Living in Separate Worlds?

Here’s how to create a single source of truth for all your customer data.


What Is A PLG CRM And Why Do You Need One?

A PLG CRM is essential for scoring and converting free users. Find out what you need to manage the new kind of customer relationship.


SaaS Renewal Management: 5 Tips to Hit 100% Renewal Rates

Why you need to shift your mantra to “always be retaining”


How to Create a Real-Time Customer Health Score

Are you about to get dumped? Your customer health score can help you predict churn and step in to save the relationship.


SaaS Sales: How to Use Data to Overcome Your Biggest Growth Challenges

Without wielding the power of your data, you're stalling your growth and resisting the evolution of SaaS sales.


Where Inbound Sales Fits Into SaaS Teams’ Methodology

Escort your empowered customer through the buying journey with inbound sales and ensure everyone’s getting the most out of your product.


How Customer Fit Really Affects Your CS Team, Product, And Company

Customer fit is an invaluable CS resource. Find out how your sales teams can help your CS teams maximize your customers’ potential


PLG Motions: Which One Is Your Perfect Recipe for Success?

You don't need to offer a freemium product to implement a successful PLG strategy. Here are all the PLG motions you can use to grow your SaaS company.


How To Structure A SaaS Sales Compensation Plan

Successfully navigating your SaaS compensation plan leads you to the land of more sales.


Strike a Human Balance in the High-Volume PLG World with High-Touch Sales

Are your salespeople potential customer success champions? Find out how the high-touch sales model secures the most exciting high-value accounts.


SaaS Customer Success: How to Reduce Churn & Generate More Revenue

Hint: The answer lies in the data you’re not using.


How to Spot and Activate a Product Qualified Lead

Product qualified leads (PQLs) are all the rage, but we’ve got a calm and measured way to identify and action them.


Sales Data: An Actionable Guide to Mastering Your Analytics

Activate your sales data and become a data-driven B2B company.


The 10 Principles of a Sustainable Product-Led Sales Model

Product-led sales might be the new direction for heads of sales and chief revenue officers, but how can their teams meet these ambitions?


SaaS Customer Lifecycle Stages: How To Stop Leads From Falling Through The Cracks

Got a leaky SaaS customer lifecycle? Here’s how to stop leads from slipping through your fingertips at every stage.


Land and Expand: How to Capture an Entire Company With One User

Land and expand is a billion-dollar hyper-growth business strategy that starts with a single user.


The Downfalls of Relying on the Salesforce Lead Scoring Model

You might have come a long way using Salesforce’s lead scoring systems, but have you finally hit a wall?


The Customer Journey Beyond Lead Scoring

It’s about time we reestablished the place of lead scoring in modern sales.


5 HubSpot Lead Scoring Limitations and How to Fix Each One

Not seeing results from HubSpot lead scoring? You’re probably creating data silos and solely focusing on the top of the funnel.


Product-Led Growth: What It Is And Why It’s The Future of SaaS

Are you ready to dominate the SaaS seascape? Jump on board and set sail towards the PLG (product-led growth) age.


The Ideal PLG Tech Stack for Startups

If you’re a PLG startup, you’ll want to ensure that you have the ideal product-led approach fueled by the right toolkit.


Data Enrichment: How to Put Your Data to Work on Autopilot

Put your data to work. Data enrichment can steer you towards greater profitability, sales efficiency, and reduce churn.


Non-Sequential Selling: What It Is & How to Adapt Your Business

The non-sequential selling process is here to stay. Here’s how to adapt to the needs of digital buyers.


CRM Data: What Your Traditional CRM Is Missing

Modern selling has taken a very different direction, one that will develop beyond traditional CRMs.


The Sales Trends That Are Already Defining 2022

Use these SaaS sales trends to navigate the uncharted waters of the new sales world.


7 Types of Sales Metrics You're Probably Not Tracking

Get on board with these sales metrics and set sail towards a more accurate pipeline.


How To Establish A SaaS Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Learn the ropes for identifying who you're selling to and why.