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How Planable increased their pipeline by 5x

Learn how Planable increased their pipeline and revenue by layering in product-led sales by combining HubSpot data with data to identify high value leads that came through self-service and reach out at the right time with product-led sales.

Planable is the command center of social media collaboration for marketing teams, digital agencies and freelancers to collaborate with their teammates & clients on content calendar in the most visual way.
They rely on product-led sales, combining product-led growth (PLG) with enterprise sales.

Introducing product-led sales

To increase conversion from free to paid and offer the best experience to potential enterprise customers who start with a free plan, Planable decided to add PLG to the go-to-marketing motion and support it with sales (product-led sales).

This approach helps them drive more revenue from the existing pool of signups but poses some additional challenges. At their scale, sending each new signup to the sales team is not viable. Manually sifting through product data to identify the most promising users is not feasible either as it’s time-consuming and other crucial data points are stored in different tools.

To help their sales team focus on the most promising accounts, Planable decided to use the concept of product-qualified leads (PQLs) and accounts (PQAs). This requires combining real-time product data (to see what users do, which features they interact with, their usage patterns etc.) and other data points like enrichment (to reveal company size, industry, country etc.) with their data model in HubSpot (having contacts and companies as the master object types).

To make sure that their growth engine is as efficient as possible, Planable decided to go beyond lead scoring and implement high intent signals to spot those ready for an upsell or at risk of churning.

Those capabilities go far beyond what traditional CRMs or product analytics tools offer, so Planable decided to use a dedicated solution combining all data points and helping their team prioritize effectively.

I can definitely confirm that Signals work! I see at least 5x more leads just based on setting up new Signals.

Vlad Calus

Co-founder of Planable

The solution

Signals to power several use cases

To make the most of all their data and increase efficiency of their growth engine, Planable uses not only PQLs and PQAs, but also upsell and churn risk signals.

signals for Planable
The different types of signals Planable uses

Email and Slack notifications

Apart from surfacing signals in the dashboard, Breyta notifies Planable of important changes through email and Slack notifications so that their team can act right away.

Help with setup and best practices

Breyta’s team helped Planable choose the most important data points and set up integrations to deliver only relevant accounts to the sales team.

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